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Tire Pressure Sensor

29 Dec 2022
1. Top quality tire pressure sensor, using the highest quality material and advanced TPMS technology. Its high-precision air valve is able to prevent air leakage, and the high-quality housing can withstand cold, heat and corrosion resistance. The TPMS sensor is precisely designed with a high-tech smart chip. Long battery life The battery will bring a pleasant experience, the normal life of the battery is 5 years.

2. These sensors are pre-programmed for your make/model/year. OE verified for direct mount sensors. Once new wheels and tires are fitted, they are immediately registered to the vehicle TPMS monitoring and for a test drive, simply activate them using the scan tool. It features a unique 4-piece design that allows the stem to be replaced independently of the sensor.

3. This tire pressure sensor does not need to be programmed. The specific operation is as follows. Step 1: Select "Check Sensor" in ATEQ VT46. Steps 2-4: Select the vehicle make and model year. Step 5: Select the tire position and press the button to trigger. Step 6: The sensor is successfully awakened and the sensor information is displayed on the screen.

4. Proper tire inflation improves fuel economy and tire wear as well as braking and stopping distances while reducing the risk of hydroponics. Tire pressure sensors are tested to ensure fit and performance. If you encounter any problems during the installation process, please feel free to contact us, a professional technical team will serve you at any time!


OE sensor Diagnostic Steps:

1, Please Choose the car make, model, and year.
2, Choose right tire. Press OK.
Noted: Better to put the toll at front of the sensor.

QQr Programmable Sensor Programing For US Cars

1. Choose Region: America
2. Back Home, Select Car Make, Model and Year
3. Check the OEM part number and universal QQr Sensor.
4. Turn arrow to PROG for senor programming.
5. Choose tire and Press OK for programming. Better distance less than 15cm.
6. Sensor ID, OEM part number and Frequency will be shown on the tool.

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