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The Air Bag Jack Advantages

16 May 2019

The air bag jack Advantages(from yaqiya):

1. Easy and labor-saving: with the use of pneumatic automatic lifting, no manpower, easy and free

2. Convenient and quick: the lift is very fast, the general car only needs about 3 seconds to rise, and the advantage of ultra-low chassis is highlighted

3. Do not hurt the chassis: as the contact part with the body is imported soft rubber, the top of the car bottom can be increased, and do not hurt the chassis

4. High cost performance: due to the long service life, although the price is high, it still has a high cost performance.Such as: ordinary horizontal top 300 yuan can be used for half a year, 5 years with 10 300 yuan is 3000 yuan, pneumatic top 1000 yuan can be used for 5 years.

5. Rugged and durable: the airbag exceeding the national test standard of 24 mpa can be used up to 100,000 times, with an average of 50 times a day, which can be used within 5 years.

6. Free maintenance: because it is a pure pneumatic product, without hydraulic oil, no oil leakage phenomenon, do not need to replace the sealing ring, more because the air bag itself is a rubber product, the port is like a sealing ring, gas sealing is very easy to complete.

7. Improve store image: the use of this product is conducive to attracting customers and improving store image.

8. Use: at low temperature by using high-performance gasbag, under the condition of to 40 ℃, the performance is also excellent.

9. Wide range of use: due to the plane contact with the ground, it can be used as usual in the sand and snow, without subsidence and failure to support.