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Don't look down on that little thing on the tire!

23 Dec 2020

As a tire shop owner, often for a headache is the owner will always ask: repair the tire why do dynamic balance.

So what exactly is this balancing block?Did you notice that little thing on the tire?Although small, but the effect is very big!

The balancing block is generally divided into two kinds, one is in the inner ring of the hub and the other is in the edge of the hub.But both functions are the same, both are used to keep the wheels in balance at high speeds.

Wheels are made up of tires and hubs, but the mass of each part may vary and be distributed unevenly due to manufacturing reasons.When the wheel spins quickly, it is easy to create a state of imbalance, resulting in wheel wobble, steering wheel vibration and other phenomena.Especially with repaired tires, the balance is broken.To solve this problem, you add weight to the wheel, you balance it.

In order to achieve dynamic balance, the balancing block is used at this time. The smallest of the balancing blocks is 5g, which is generally between 5-10 grams.

If the balance is not good, the car will reach a certain speed will appear the situation of shaking over a long time will cause bearing strain, tire will also have friction, so it is necessary to timely maintenance and inspection.B: Yes, the balance block is small, but it's very useful!

The safety of the tire is determined by the uniformity of the tire, the balance block can adjust the uniformity of the tire, make the tire drive more safe, the owner also do not ask: can not do not do dynamic balance after the tire?What's the use of dynamic equilibrium? That sort of thing.

For your personal safety, please go to the tire shop professional maintenance division, don't mention too many unreasonable requirements.