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Transmission Jack

12 Jun 2024

Here are some key features and functions of the transmission jack:

Stability and safety: The transmission jack is designed with a wide base and a sturdy structure to ensure stability during operation and prevent tilting or tipping.

Adjustable height: Most transmission jacks have an adjustable height feature, which allows technicians to easily lift and lower the transmission to the desired position.

Precise positioning: Some high-end models are also equipped with precise positioning controls such as a rotating platform, tilt angle adjustment, and a fine-tuning mechanism to allow for precise alignment during installation or removal.

Versatility: Although mainly used for transmission operation, this jack can also be used in other situations where heavy objects need to be lifted and lowered, such as engines, differentials, etc.

Ease of operation: Equipped with a manual or foot-operated hydraulic pump, the lifting process is easier and less labor-intensive.

Transmission jacks are one of the indispensable tools in workshops and repair shops. It improves work efficiency while also enhancing safety and reducing the dangers that may occur during manual operation.