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Small Wheel Hub Rings Big Use

21 Jun 2024

Main Function

Ensure center alignment: The main function of hub rings is to ensure that the wheel is properly aligned on the vehicle's hub. The center hole of the wheel (usually larger than the diameter of the vehicle's hub) is perfectly matched to the hub through the hub ring to prevent the wheel from being installed off-center.

Reduce vibration: Because hub rings ensure a tight fit between the wheel and the hub, they can reduce vibration caused by the gap between the wheel and the hub, providing a smoother driving experience.

Protect bolts and hubs: 

Proper alignment and reduced vibration also protect the wheel bolts and hubs from wear and damage caused by eccentricity or uneven force.

Use scenarios

Modified wheels: Many car owners need to use hub rings when modifying their wheels. This is because the center hole of the modified wheel may not exactly match the original wheel size of the vehicle.

Used wheels: 

Hub rings are also very useful when using used wheels, because the used wheels may come from different models and have different center hole sizes.

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Material and installation

Material: Hub rings are generally made of plastic (such as polycarbonate) or aluminum. Plastic rings are usually cheaper and easier to install, while aluminum rings are stronger and more durable.

Installation: Installing hub rings is very simple. Just put it into the center hole of the wheel and then install the wheel on the vehicle hub.

How to choose the right hub rings?

Measure the center hole diameter (Hub Bore): You need to know the center hole diameter of the wheel.

Measure the diameter of the vehicle hub: You need to know the diameter of the vehicle hub.

Matching size: Choose the right hub rings according to the above two sizes to ensure that they can fit perfectly.

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