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20 May 2024

Impact wrenches work by using an impact mechanism to generate high torque in order to handle bolts or nuts that require a large amount of torque. The impact force is generated by an impact mechanism inside the wrench, which rapidly rotates one or more hammers, transferring kinetic energy to the wrench head, thereby generating a high-torque rotational force.

Advantages of impact wrenches include:

High Torque Output: Easily handles bolts or nuts that require high torque.

Efficient and fast: Impact wrenches can tighten or loosen bolts faster than manual wrenches or regular electric wrenches.

Suitable for various working environments: can be used in automobile repair, machinery manufacturing, construction engineering and other fields, suitable for bolts of different sizes and types.

The application scenarios of impact wrenches include automobile repair, tire replacement, mechanical equipment maintenance and other tasks that require tightening or loosening high-torque bolts. Depending on the use requirements, impact wrenches can be pneumatic (using compressed air), electric (using batteries or power supply), or hydraulic. Different types of impact wrenches have different powers and applicable ranges.

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