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YQY Pneumatic jack Details

19 Feb 2019

Pneumatic hydraulic jack products are a new type of lifting equipment that uses compressed gas as power, liquid pressurization and telescopic hydraulic cylinder. It has compact design, small size, light weight, easy operation, time saving and labor saving. It has wide characteristics such as large tonnage and is widely used for liquidity lifting. It is especially suitable for the repair industry of transportation industry such as automobiles and tractors.

1, the current manufacturer: YQIYA Automobile Warranty Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

2, brand: BATTLE-AXE battle axe

3, air bag type pneumatic jack picture

4, air bag type pneumatic jack features

1) Easily and effortlessly: Due to the pneumatic lifting, no manpower is required, and it is easy and convenient:

2) The lift is extremely fast and stable. The average car rises in about 3 seconds. The ultra-low chassis advantage highlights the chassis: since the contact with the car body is imported soft rubber, the top of the car can be increased and the chassis is not damaged.

3) High cost performance: Because of the long service life, although the price is higher, it still has a high cost performance.

4) Rugged and durable: Because it is pure pneumatic product, it does not contain hydraulic oil, there is no oil leakage, there is no need to replace the sealing ring, and the airbag itself is a rubber product. The port is like a sealing ring, and the gas seal is easy to complete.

5) Improve the image of the store: Due to the use of this product, it is conducive to attracting customers and the performance is equally excellent.

6) Low-temperature use: Due to the use of high-performance airbags, the performance is equally excellent at -40 degrees. It is widely used because it is in flat contact with the ground. It is used as usual in the snow, and there is no sagging and cannot support.