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Have a great time at THE TIRE COLOGNE 2024

19 Jun 2024

Cangzhou Yaqiya Auto Parts Co., Ltd. had the pleasure of participating in THE TIRE COLOGNE 2024 in Germany, one of the most prestigious international trade fairs in the tire industry.Our team was thrilled to showcase our latest innovations and establish new connections within the global market.

During our time at the exhibition, we had the unique opportunity to personally visit one of our esteemed clients. The hospitality we received was truly remarkable. Our client welcomed us warmly to their home, where we were treated to fresh cherries from their own garden. This gesture of kindness and hospitality made our visit memorable and highlighted the strong relationships we are building with our partners.

In addition to our business endeavors, we took some time to explore the cultural richness of Germany. 

We were fortunate enough to see the world-renowned painting, the Mona Lisa. 

Witnessing such an iconic masterpiece was an inspiring experience and added a cultural dimension to our trip.

Overall, THE TIRE COLOGNE 2024 was a tremendous success for Cangzhou Yaqiya Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 

The exhibition provided us with invaluable opportunities to connect with industry leaders, showcase our products,

 and experience the wonderful culture of Germany. We look forward to continuing our journey of growth and

 innovation in the global automotive parts industry.