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Farm Jack introduction

28 Apr 2019

Is a off-road escape jack, lifting height is very high, commonly have 60 inches and 48 inches.It is a mechanical jack tool using the lever principle. It has a self-elastic locking device, which can be used for clamping with holes.

Cross country person often goes wild can face complex terrain, general and common jack is very chicken rib, not practical.Especially for modified suvs with elevated suspension and larger wheels, monkey bars are more practical and reliable because they travel longer than normal jacks.

Various practical USES of monkey climbing pole

Monkey climbing pole is very useful, if it can be used correctly and flexibly, it can be used for both repair (to lift the car to change the tire, repair) and rescue (to lift the wheels out of the mud pit).In some cases, it can even be used as a temporary manual winch, or to prop open doors after an accident.Here's the details:

Use one:

Repair, rescue - often used in conjunction with tire ejector (extender)

If your car gets stuck in a mud puddle, sand, snow or ditch, you can climb a pole to rescue yourself.

Generally, we use t-max's monkey climbing pole, and we recommend to use it together with tire ejector (extender).Pros: deeper into the body of the part, not easy to get out of the car, more stable, more secure.In addition, with the extension of the car body to find more suitable places for lifting.

Use two:

Act as a manual capstan - often with the iron chain, tree belt use

At the top of the monkey's climbing pole is an obscure gadget that many people do not know what to do with.In fact, this is the monkey climbing bar can be used as a manual winch key.This can be fixed rope, chain, tree holding belt, etc., so that the monkey climbing rod ACTS as a manual capstan.

Use three:

Open the car door for help after the accident

Monkey climbing pole, not only can be used as a rescue tool, in a critical moment, it can play a life-saving role