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30 Apr 2019

For mounting car, truck and motorcycle tires. Very slippery. Minimal force and time required. Minimal material consumption , Less machine wear . Better centering of the tire on the rim Black-colored paste No visible white residue on tire sides Short flash time . Force-fit connection between tires and rim right after mounting. Reduces complaints and subsequent costs for possible re-balancing Rubber and seal care. Keeps rubber pliable, thus ensuring a continuous seal between the rim and tire bead . Counteracts rusting (non-corrosive). Prevents adhesion of the tire to the rim pH-neutral. Does not react aggressively to rubber or rim .Skin- and environment-friendly Suitable for run-fl at tires Can be used with the latest generation of tires Physiologically safe Contains no harmful solvents Keeps tire bead pliable and ready for use when stored in summer/ winter Silicone-free Application: Applied with brush or sponge. Removal: Push tires with a suitable push device. Apply some tire fitting paste to the rim flange and tire bead with a brush or sponge.

Attaches: Before mounting new tires, the rim should be cleaned of old mounting aid residue in the sealing area of the rim flange. We recommend our Brake Cleaner, for this purpose. Remove any rust build-up with a wire brush. Only then can the advantages of the Yaqiya Tire Fitting Paste reach their full potential. Then paint a thin coating on the tire bead and rim flange and mount the tire onto the rim with the mounting machine and appropriate tools. Proper mounting of the tire is the basic prerequisite for smooth running. Brush for tire fitting paste. Preliminary testing required.

Processing temperature –15°C to +50°C

Life 24 months

Possible material combinations Rubber/Steel Rubber/Light metal Rubber/Plastic