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The wheel weights tape

25 Jun 2019

The mass of each position of any object itself has difference, in static and low speed rotation, the mass is not uniform will affect the stability of the object rotation, the higher the speed, the greater the vibration.With the improvement of highway conditions and the rapid development of automobile technology, the speed of vehicles is getting faster and faster.If the quality of the car wheel is not uniform, in this high-speed driving process, will not only affect the ride comfort, but also increase the abnormal wear of the car tire and suspension system, increase the difficulty of control in the driving process, resulting in unsafe driving.In order to avoid the occurrence of this situation, the wheel must be installed before the special equipment - wheel dynamic balance machine into action balance test, in the wheel mass is small add appropriate counterweight, make the wheel in high-speed rotation to maintain dynamic balance, this counterweight is the wheel balance.Automobile balancer tape: this tape can be divided into PE foam balancer tape, acrylic foam balancer tape and 3M foam balancer tape. The tape is mainly used for automobile adhesive balancer, most of which is PE foam balancer tape.

ure acrylic adhesive coating ensures good stability, temperature resistance and aging resistance of double-sided tape, especially suitable for use of adhesive counterweight in various weather and road conditions.Moreover, this type of double-sided adhesive tape has successfully passed the performance test of European customers. The high quality performance guarantees the technical stability and quality reliability of customers' products.Good adhesion durability ensures a firm bond between the balance block and the tire, avoiding any damage and property loss caused by the balance block falling off