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Working principle of inflatable jack

26 Jul 2019

Working principle of inflatable jack

The vehicle exhaust is used to flush into the airbag and maintain a certain pressure, which is converted into a uniformly distributed lifting force by the contact of the airbag with the chassis of the vehicle, thereby achieving the purpose of jacking up the vehicle.


Inflatable jack application range

1, need to lift one side

2, when the sand and mud are trapped in the car

3. When a single wheel falls into a ditch, it gets out of trouble.

4, across the gully


Advantages of inflatable jacks

It is fast and labor-saving. It can use its own large area of force to rescue vehicles in soft or collapsed roads such as sand, mud and snow.


Disadvantages of inflatable jacks

1. When using on paved roads, be sure to fix the tire position first to prevent side slip and positional deviation after the vehicle is jacked up.

2. The design of the interface between the vent of the jack and the exhaust pipe of the vehicle is not reasonable. It is used on different vehicles. Because the thickness of the exhaust pipe is not completely consistent, the air leakage occurs during the inflation process.