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Tire Pressure Gauges for Car

19 Nov 2019

Check tire pressure

Now, armed with your tire gauge and the recommended inflation pressure information, it's time to check your car tires' current pressure.

1. Look for the stem valve on the tire and unscrew the cap.

2. Press your tire pressure gauge squarely onto the valve stem. If 

    done properly, you will hear a bit of air come out as you press the 

    gauge against the valve. If the hissing sound doesn't stop, you are 

    holding the gauge at an angle and allowing air to escape the tire. 

   Just remove the gauge and try again.

3. Holding the gauge against the valve, read the pressure indicated on 

    the dial, readout or graduated stick that slides out the bottom of the 

    gauge, depending on the type of gauge you are using.

4. Compare your gauge reading to the recommended pressure and 

    make a note of the number of pounds the tire will need to bring it up 

    to the recommended pressure level, if necessary.

    If pressure is over the recommended specification, use the gauge to 

    release air pressure from your tire by slightly pressing the gauge 

    fitting against the air valve.

    Replace the valve stem cap.

5. Check the rest of the tires' pressure, including the spare tire.

6. Then, head over to the gas station to adjust air pressure as