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How long can the rubber strip repair?

03 Jan 2020

The rubber strip repair method is a relatively popular method of repairing tires in the early 

stage. The steps are to expand the break with a tool such as a pendant, and then fill the 

break with a special glue to make it tightly adhere to the damage. Wait for a tap. So can 

the rubber strip repair tire be pulled and repaired, knowing from the steps can know that

 it is actually possible.

The effect of this tire repair method is relatively poor, and it has great requirements on the 

quality of the rubber strip and glue, the operator's technology and the impact of impurities 

during the tire repair process. Therefore, how long the rubber strip can be used for tire repair

 also needs to consider these factors, including the impact of the driving environment. Some

 private car owners have stated that they can run 2,000 kilometers four times. However, some

 car owners have a poor driving environment or a fast driving speed, which can cause air 

leakage in a few months.

It should be noted that it is best not to use high speed if you have had repair history. Under

the condition of extremely fast speed, there is a danger of puncture. It is best not to repair

more than three times, and it is more secure to change the tire directly if the side is damaged.

The side is the most vulnerable part of the tire.