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How to protect ourself in the virus time

09 Apr 2020

Please see below if you are interested:

A. Don't go out unless there is special emergency. ( You can't recognize which one is already infected. Everyone who is infected looks normal at the beginng.)

B. Please remember to wear mask when you go to supermarket or other places. Keep one meter distance with eachother. You can wear disposable gloves when

choosing goods in the supermarket.

C. Wash your hands and face when you come back from outside. And change into a clean clothes. If you have disposable raincoat you can use it when you out

and throw it away when you back.

D. Keep your room clean, and open the window let more fresh air in. Many families disinfected furniture with alcohol, but I didn't do that. Becuase it was difficult

to get alcohol at that time, and I have seen some news about kitchen fires caused by alcohol disinfection. Also there was a sample someone opened the hot air

condition caused the fire also. Fortunately, I have an ultraviolet disinfection at home. Didinfection of the rooms is also very effective.

E. Do exercise at home to maintain sufficient immunity. You can't get sick at this time, the hospital is very dangerrous and easy to cross infection. In addition,

doctors have no time to deal with other disease.

F. Try not to take the lift, it's easy to infected inside of lift. Don't touch the buttons use your finger when you in the lift.

At that time we use toothpick, lighters or discarded pens press button in lift.