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Multi-function electrohydraulic jack instruction

17 Nov 2020

1. Park the car in a safe, flat position, pull on the handbrake, and fix the wheel with a tire cushion or hard object

2. First connect the jack and the power cord of the cigarette lighter

3. Equipped with battery clamp and cigarette lighter plug, can be directly inserted into cigarette lighter, or connected to the car battery to get electricity

4. Place the electric jack under the chassis support of the car

5. Press UP to lift the car until the wheels leave the ground;Press DOWN to descend the wheel

6. Connect the power cord and press the button for lighting

7. Connect the electric wrench to the power cord of the cigarette lighter

8. Select the correct sleeve according to the model

9. Use an electric wrench or box spanner in the triangular form to loosen the tire nut one by one