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Manual Tire Spreader

05 Jul 2022

The tire spreader is made of premium steel for solid construction, extremely steady, and long lifespan. The tire spreader tool has 7-speed control tire spreader scopes. It comes with a tool tray to put accessories and an adjustable LED light. Tire changer and spreader tool have an adjustable working table at any angle. Our manual tire changer can offer more flexibility. It is suitable for all types of tires of car & light truck. The whole tire spreader’s construction is very durable and steady, ensuring long time use and stable work. The adjustable working table. Is capable of 360° spinning. To cover a large range of tire sidewall heights and widths. By controlling the pedal, you can adjust the table tilt angle. Tilting head allows repair work to be done at eye level. The built-in tool tray can hold patches, tools, wrenches, and more accessories.