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Air Bag

22 May 2024

The composition and principle of the air bag top

main component:

Air bag: usually made of high-strength rubber or synthetic materials with good flexibility and pressure resistance.

Air Pump: A device that provides compressed air, either a hand pump, a foot pump, or an electric air compressor.

Air pipe and valve: connect the air bag and air pump to control the inflation and deflation process of the air bag.

working principle:

Compressed air is delivered into the air bag through an air pump, and the air bag is expanded under pressure.

When the air bag inflates, it creates an upward force that lifts heavy objects.

By controlling the valve, the inflation and deflation of the air bag can be adjusted to achieve precise control of heavy objects.

Type of air bag top

Low pressure air bag top:

It is suitable for occasions that require large area contact but low pressure, such as rescue and life-saving.

Usually used to lift lighter weights for a short period of time.

High pressure air bag top:

It is suitable for occasions requiring high-pressure lifting, such as repair and maintenance of industrial equipment.

It can generate huge lifting force in a small area and is suitable for lifting heavy equipment.

Application of air bag top


In emergency situations such as traffic accidents and earthquakes, it is used to lift heavy objects pressing on the victims and quickly rescue trapped people.

Engineering construction:

Used to lift and move heavy equipment such as bridges, building components, etc.

Auto repair:

Used to lift the vehicle for tire replacement, chassis inspection and other maintenance work.

Industrial equipment maintenance:

For installation, commissioning and maintenance of equipment, especially when space is limited, airbag roofs provide a flexible solution.

Advantages of air bag top

Easy operation: Use air pump to inflate, simple operation and easy to control.

High flexibility: The airbag top can be used in small spaces and adapts to heavy objects of different shapes and sizes.

High safety: The air bag top has a simple structure, low failure rate, and the lifting process can be accurately controlled by controlling the valve during use.

Good portability: The air bag top is light in weight and easy to carry and transport, especially suitable for on-site rescue and emergency use.

Precautions when using air bag top

Make sure the air bag is in good condition: Check the air bag for damage or leaks before use and make sure the air bag is in good condition.

Control the inflation pressure: avoid over-inflation to prevent the air bag from bursting, and strictly follow the instructions for use.

Use a safety backing plate: When using on uneven or sharp surfaces, it is recommended to use a backing plate to protect the air bag from wear or puncture.

Stabilize heavy objects: When lifting heavy objects, ensure the balance and stability of the heavy objects to prevent them from rolling over or tilting.


The air bag roof is a device that uses compressed air to lift and move heavy objects. Its characteristics of easy operation, strong flexibility, high safety and good portability make it widely used in rescue, engineering construction, vehicle repair and industrial equipment maintenance. It has been widely used in various fields. With proper use and maintenance, airbag roofs can provide reliable support and solutions in various complex and emergency situations.