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Electric Car Jack

28 May 2024


  1. Electric Power:

    • Powered by an electric motor, reducing the physical effort required for manual operation.

  2. Convenient and Fast:

    • Usually equipped with a remote control or buttons for easy and quick operation.

  3. High Stability:

    • Designed with a sturdy structure to support vehicles or other heavy objects stably.

  4. Multiple Power Options:

    • Many electric scissor jacks can be powered through the car's cigarette lighter or have built-in batteries.

  5. High Safety:

    • Equipped with various safety features such as overload protection and automatic shutoff to ensure safe use.



  1. Tire Replacement:

    • Allows car owners to quickly lift their vehicle when changing a tire on the roadside, saving time and effort.

  2. Vehicle Maintenance:

    • Used in home or professional garages for regular vehicle maintenance and repair.

  3. Emergency Rescue:

    • Useful in emergencies, such as at accident sites or when a car breaks down, enabling quick and effective rescue.

  4. Industrial Applications:

    • Used in certain industrial settings for lifting and securing heavy objects.

How to Use

  1. Positioning:

    • Place the electric scissor jack under the vehicle at the designated lifting point to ensure safety and stability.

  2. Connect Power:

    • Connect the electric scissor jack to a power source (such as the car cigarette lighter or built-in battery).

  3. Operation:

    • Use the remote control or buttons to lift the vehicle to the desired height.

  4. Securing:

    • Once the vehicle is lifted, use jack stands or other support tools to secure it for safety.

  5. Lowering:

    • After completing the repair or tire change, use the remote control or buttons to slowly lower the vehicle.

An electric scissor jack greatly facilitates the work of car owners and repair professionals and is an indispensable tool in modern vehicle maintenance.



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