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Pneumatic Air Jack

25 Jun 2024

Pneumatic Air Jack, also known as pneumatic jack, is a lifting tool that uses compressed air as a power source. It is mainly used in car repair, construction sites and industrial environments to easily lift heavy objects. Pneumatic jacks have the following main features:

Easy to operate: Since compressed air is used as a power source, the operation of pneumatic jacks is very simple. Just connect to the air compressor and control the air valve.

High efficiency: Compared with traditional hydraulic jacks, pneumatic jacks have a faster lifting speed and can complete the lifting and lowering of heavy objects in a shorter time.

High safety: Pneumatic jacks are usually equipped with safety valves and anti-overload devices, which can effectively avoid overloading and accidental descents, and ensure the safety of operation.

Strong portability: Most pneumatic jacks are compact in design, light in weight, easy to carry and move, and suitable for a variety of different workplaces.

Strong load-bearing capacity: Pneumatic jacks can provide strong lifting force and are suitable for lifting heavy vehicles, equipment and other heavy objects. The load-bearing capacity is usually more than several tons.

Overall, Pneumatic Air Jack is an efficient, safe and easy-to-use lifting tool, which is widely used in various occasions where heavy objects need to be lifted frequently.