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Impact Wrench

22 May 2024

Types of pneumatic wrenches

Impact Air Wrench: This type of air wrench generates impact through an internal hammer and anvil mechanism and is capable of delivering very high instantaneous torque, ideal for loosening or tightening very tight bolts.

Ratchet-type pneumatic wrench: This type of wrench is suitable for use in places with limited space, provides continuous rotation power, and is usually used for bolts with small torque.

Advantages of pneumatic wrenches

Efficient: Pneumatic wrenches can produce high torque and operate quickly, which can greatly improve work efficiency.

Durable: Since they use compressed air as the power source and there is no issue with motor wear, air wrenches are generally more durable than power tools.

Lightweight: Air tools are generally lighter and easier to operate than power tools.

Safety: Pneumatic tools do not produce sparks, so they are safer to use in flammable and explosive environments.

Application of pneumatic wrench

Automobile maintenance: used for disassembling and assembling wheel bolts, engine parts, etc.

Industrial production: Used on assembly lines to quickly assemble mechanical parts.

Building construction: used for steel structure installation and other occasions requiring large torque.

Precautions for use

Air source quality: Make sure to use dry, clean compressed air to prevent moisture and impurities from damaging the air motor.

Maintenance: Clean and lubricate the pneumatic wrench regularly to keep it in good working condition.

Applicable torque: According to the requirements of specific bolts, select a pneumatic wrench with an appropriate torque range to avoid over- or under-tightening.

In general, pneumatic wrenches are important tools in modern industry and maintenance work. Their efficiency, durability and safety make them widely used in many fields.