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What kind of bolts and nuts are right for you?

23 Jun 2022

Hex Nut

The hex nut is the most common type of lug nut. It features a hex shaped head that threads onto the wheel stud to secure the wheel in place. Wheel studs are the threaded studs that stick out of the wheel hub (and if you're a Subaru owner, you've probably broken many wheel studs). Hex nuts come in different styles and vary with the shape required to sit on the wheel properly.

Hex nuts are typically made of steel and chrome plated but you can also find them in lightweight materials such as aluminum (and anodized in different colors) or titanium.

Where would you use these?

On wheels with dome shaped lug holes, commonly found on European cars that do not use a lug bolt set up. More on lug bolts later.

Conical Seat

The conical seat is a very common type of lug nut. You can differentiate this style by their cone shaped lug seats which feature a 60 degree taper that self-centers the lug onto the wheel when tightened down. Unlike the spherical seat, conical seats differ with their angled shape. They are often referred to as acorn lug nuts because of their similar appearance. 

Where would you use these?

For aftermarket wheels with 60 degree tapered lug holes. Typically made of steel but could be found made of aluminum or even titanium for racing applications. These are also the type of lug nuts currently used in NASCAR (until NASCAR moves to a single lug nut in 2021) and many other forms of motorsports.

Mag Type with Flat Washer

The mag type has a unique look which features a long thread and a flat washer seat which allows them to sit flush against the wheel. Unlike the spherical or conical seats, mag type sits flat on the face of a wheel.

Where would you use these?

These are likely the type of lug nuts your car came with. The mag type with flat seat washer can be found on many OEM wheel applications with a chrome plated finish.